How do I make my art not lose compression or quality when posting online, such as on instagram. I don't understand jpeg/png settings or dpi.?

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  • Tim D
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    4 weeks ago
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    It does not really matter since most online posting sites will process your image to suit their site, which is why you quite often notice the files are often different colours.

    Basically as long as your photo is 1080 pixels wide or more the quality will be the best Instagram shows, if it is between 1080 and 320 pixels wide that will be what is shown, if it is less than 320 then Instagram will enlarge it.

    If you open one of your images you should be able to check the image dimensions look for measurements in pixels per inch (ppi) not dots per inch (dpi) which is a measurement of a printing device and not applicable to online posting.

    • Ness4 weeks agoReport

      Thank you so much 

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