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Should my boyfriend stop going to cut his hair with a girl?

So my boyfriend has been cutting his hair at this place with the same girl for a long time. Before we even dated. He has her on some of his social media and i once saw he reacted hearts to her pictures, told him about it and he stoped doing it. Then there was this time he went out and got drunk at a club that she was also at and messaged her they should dance(which she didn’t reply) once while we were talking he told me she would tell him that she liked his hair because it was easy to cut or something like that. Now after all that nothings else has happened because i let him know and he agreed he was wrong for that. But i think its best if he doesn’t go with her anymore. THOUGHTS????!!!

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    My thought is that you're presenting as insecure, jealous and controlling.

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  • edward
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    I go to the same guy to cut my hair, been going to him for the past 15 years, he has gotten to know my hair, the way it grows, the proper way to cut it and the shape of my head. If i went to someone else, i don’t know what they’d do to my hair. A hairdresser is a very serious relationship, he didn’t do anything wrong, he shouldn’t have apologized.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Get a grip.......

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