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So a loud truck passed me while I had my window down and it felt like it popped my ear and now due to loud noise, now it’s ringing, help!!!!?

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    Your fine-

    You probably ruptured an ear drum, it sounds worse than what it is. It'll take 1-2 weeks, but your hearing will come back the ringing will subside!

    I've done it before! I was at work, and the mop handle snapped right beside me and same thing, where my ear popped and I had ringing in it! It was like that for 2 weeks, and then after everything.

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    There is no help, a constant ringing in the ear means damage has take place, permanent damage, it will subside to almost nothing but as you age this damage and others of this nature slowly will make a ringing in your ears, the more damage the worse it gets.

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       Little "hairs" way back in your inner ear vibrate which sends signal to your brain which interprets them as sound. That ringing you hear is damage that has been dome to those "hairs". They don't regenerate. They well mend and the ringing will subside, but the slight damage they took is permanent 

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