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My husband only gets enough groceries for one meal per day. I don’t know what to do because It’s hard for me to find a job..?

I’m pregnant but still trying to work so I can start doing the grocery shopping. My husband goes to the grocery a few times spending about $30 each time he goes. We are a family of 4. Will be 5 when my little one arrives. But we all like to eat 3 times a day and have snacks as well as well. He makes $100 a year but we live in a huge house. I told get a smaller house. I almost fainted a couple times because I was so hungry. I know some people can live off one meal a day but it’s extremely hard for me. My husband said I’m going to have to refocus my appetite and not think about my hunger. He said if I don’t think about being hungry then I won’t be. He mostly buys preckaged foods and canned goods. He NEVER buys fruits vegetables or any ingredients I might need to cook a meal. Once a week he will buy oranges and when he buys oranges he will only buy like 2 or 3 oranges. He said he gets his vegetables from Chikfila salads. He loves to go to Burger King and Chikfila. He always complains about how much money he spends at the grocery store. Matter of fact, every time he has to spend money on food he complains. I don’t ask him for anything else except to provide for food. I’m pregnant and growing out of all of my clothes desperately need clothes but I’ve been trying to squeeze into my old clothes since I can’t afford to buy new ones and I know my husband wouldn’t buy them for me. I wanted to make teriyaki chicken stir fry and broccoli for the family and he was complaining about


He was complaining about buying the ingredients. He was complaining about buying the soy sauce The broccoli etc He was like “ listen I’m only getting the soy sauce and broccoli that’s it so don’t ask me for anything else..” 

Update 2:

Husband used to buy things like french toast sausages bacon etc now the only breakfast item he buys is eggs. 

Update 3:

I used to love to cook but he’s taken the joy out of it for me. I resent being in his presence now. 

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    If your spouse only makes $100 a year it's confusing as to how he pays for anything. But unless you've got some ironclad prenuptial agreement the marital assets are yours too. So just go spend what you need on groceries and do plan on working to contribute to the household. What you're describing is the kind of thing kids get taken away over. Perhaps your spouse wants to see all your kids in foster care, but I doubt it.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    When is any question this long-winded and NOT a troll......?

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  • 3 weeks ago

    last time you trolled this you were the husband, now you are the wife. your obsession with Burger King and Chikfila salads gives you away because you put it in too many posts

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Hang on here. He himself is eating takeaway food, getting his meals that way, but denying his family - e

    pregnant wife and kids - more than one meal a day? That is definitely abusive. I'd give Social Services or Child Protection Agency and see what they say can be done.

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