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Bateria infection thoat?

I went to Bali in November to December I caught a bateria infection when I was in gilli t from the dusk I got back to New Zealand stay healthy ate lemons garlic nothing happen then went to doctors they did swob got that sent away he put me on antibiotics test came back nothing wrong.

I finsh my antibiotics infection was still there so went to another doctor he gave me some stronger antibiotics an got another test but havnt heard back so prop come back as negative aswell does any 1 know what it may be or how I can get rid of it. It is like a yeast infection..any advice it been over a month 

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  • 2 months ago
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    if two bacterial tests (Cultures?) are negative, then its not a bacteria, and no matter how many antibiotics you take it wont help. Can be many other things (reflux, post nasal drip, viral etc) have you seen an ears nose and throat doc?

    • Jordan1 month agoReport

      Ok got to the bottom it was a chess infection 

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