is there a time limit on pre-orders for animal crossing?

like i want to preorder but dont have the cash rn but when do preorders stop? will they still be a thing by feb 24 when i can get more monay

1 Answer

  • 3 weeks ago

    It generally depends on the store in question. Gamestop typically allows customers to pre-order (paying in full) & reserve (paying a partial amount, generally $5 or more) a game up to the day BEFORE it's official release.

    HOWEVER, Gamestop's priority list for new releases are:

    * Pre-orders (as customers are just picking up the game their paid for)

    * Reservations (customers are paying the remaining balance they owe)

    * Everybody else wanting to buy the game.

    While the reservation / pre-order policy will vary by store, they will likely allow you start as a reservation (paying $5 or whatever you can afford about that threshold) & allow you to pay more towards your reservation until you hit the amount to automatically convert it into a pre-order.

    Since Animal Crossing: New Horizons will NOT be released until March 20th, 2020... you still have PLENTY of time (even if you can't afford the full amount now) to get your reservation / pre-order in.

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