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First time driver as an ADULT (advice needed)?

What all is required for an adult (someone over 18) who has never driven/held a driver's license before? I know your first step is getting a car and insurance, then you go in and get your permit and license. I have the car part taken care of. I am working on finding insurance for it. So, my main thing is what all is required to obtain JUST your permit? I'd like to be able to legally practice and get the feel of my car before I go take my driver's test for my actual license. I don't want to sit there all stupid not even knowing where simple things like the lights/signals are lol

Do you just take the written exam only to get your permit? What all does the written exam have exactly? Like what all things does it cover? I'm trying to see if it's easy/common sense or something ridiculous. I want to be sure I pass ALL my tests the first time around because this is really important to me. It's also important to me to be a GOOD driver. I know some people who really suck at it and are unsafe and I do not want to be like them.

Since I am indeed over 18, is there are specific waiting period once you get your permit? Or can you just trade it in for your license whenever you want? I know teens usually have to wait like 6 months or something before they can go try for their actual license. I wanted to know if it was different for first-time adult drivers. Also, what happens during your driving test for your actual license. THAT part has me a little scared.


This is for the state of Ohio by the way!

Update 2:

Ok so it IS just the written test to get a permit. That's what I was wondering. I already bought the vehicle, so someone is going to have to drive it for me without insurance to get it home. I thought the insurance could be purchased and the vehicle could be registered before your license since you just need the VIN number and stuff.

Update 3:

Even if you're over 18 (or over 21), you still have to have your permit for a certain time? I thought you could get your license as an adult whenever you were ready. And the title is going to be in my name.

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    Get a permit, find a driving school. You will have to pass a road test at some point prior to the license. Written test as well. 

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    In California, everybody, regardless of age, must get a permit first. Here you cannot test for a license for at least 6 months. You're supposed to be learning how to drive during that time, and that's plenty of time to become expert, though few I see drive that way. First thing you should do is get the driving summary and learn the rules of the road. The summary tells you everything else you need.

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    • Mystic
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      And you are correct. Some of the people I encounter should NOT be behind the wheel. When I watch some people, I really fail to see how they passed any tests. It's horrible.

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    " I know your first step is getting a car and insurance,

    WRONG.  Your first step is to get your license. With no license you can't get insurance.

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  • g
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    Permit first, yes.  You will have to hold the permit for a set amount of time before you will be eligible to take the driving portion of the test.  That amount of time can vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

    More importantly, who is the named title and registration holder of your vehicle?  Whowever that might be will also need to insure the vehicle before it can be legally driving anywhere by anyone one.


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  • Scott
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    Wrong. You get your permit first. You can buy a car, but you can't buy insurance without a valid license. The car can't be legally driven without insurance. See the conundrum? For the permit test, all you have to do is study your state's driver's handbook. All the test questions are taken from that book. It's a easy test.

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