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Anonymous asked in HealthAlternative Medicine · 2 months ago

Horny goat weed interactions?

I asked my doctor and he was honestly really clueless. He basically said, "I don't know much about it." And my pharmacist said the same thing.

I'm on a really low dose of blood pressure medication and other than that, fairly healthy and active. I was interested in HGW for more stamina and energy for the gym and the bedroom since I have depression.

Does anyone have any experience with HGW? Any advice or opinions on interactions?

4 Answers

  • Mark
    Lv 5
    1 month ago

    Doctors are trained in general medicine, not alternative. Chemical pharmaceuticals are their area of expertise. Maybe talk to a Naturopath about HGW.

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  • 2 months ago

    The active chemical in horny goat weed is icariin.  It is likely to act synergistically with blood pressure medication and may make BP drop too low.  It does not provide an energy boost or improve mood.  It relaxes smooth muscle.   There is not enough research on the chemical to know what dosage is safe when taking BP medication. 

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  • Carson
    Lv 6
    2 months ago

    I wish people would give their age because it would help so much.

    Have you had your testosterone levels checked? If not ask your GP for a blood test. Your job is to be at the location BEFORE 10AM to have it drawn because that is when levels are highest.

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  • 2 months ago

    Horny goat weed lowers blood pressure and reduces blood clotting.  Taking it with blood pressure medication is not recommended.  If your lack of sexual energy is caused by high blood pressure, your current medication will have more benefit than horny goat weed.

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