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Cat keeps shedding after being lost for months?

She is shedding a LOT. She is short hair and has never shed like this before. She was lost out in the snowy Nebraska winter for several months. Is it possible she adapted by growing a thicker coat and is now shedding because she is indoors again? Or can this signify a more serious underlying condition?

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  • 3 weeks ago

    if she was eating rodents she might have contracted a worm, I forgot how was it called, but cats contract it through feces of other infected animals - if a cat walks on feces and then licks his paws - or by eating an infected rodents. u should go to a vet and they prescribe a med u put on your cat's neck. it protects from fleas, ticks and if cat's already infected with warms it kills them once gets into cats' blood. but this medicine is prescription, u can not buy it over the counter. yeah, I forgot to mention - one of the symptoms of a cat who contracted that warm is that the cat starts losing hair and gets bold spots. does your cat have bold spots?

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