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Can anyone check my iambic pentameter?

Shakespearean Style Poem, I have a hard time with iambic pentameter, please check and which lines are not iambic pentameter, do you have any suggestions to fix the line? 

A: The question hanging over eerily.

B: Love cannot be known anywhere beyond.

A: My hope for heart darkens so drearily,

B: for wondering actions chemical bond.

C: The future is unknown about this Earth,

D: yet always continue to be playful,

C: and in the moment never know its worth.

D: Attraction is perfection so fatal,

E: and unrelentingly submerge myself.

F: Invading my mind day and through the night,

E: this cannot live hidden on a shelf,

F: blindingly beautiful in moonlight.

G: Now I must away with a rightful heart,

G: Remember my right words whilst we’re apart.

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