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How do you say "stone ground" in Latin American Spanish?

1) molido EN piedra

2) molido A piedra

3) molido CON piedra

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    I'm a native speaker and I would say each of those options is ok ... though my guess is that which option  a person would use would depend on her/his  nationality... For instance, I'm colombian and I would say "molido a piedra" to me this is the same as saying "escrito a mano" or "hecho a mano" ... as a matter of fact, someone in some forum asked how "stone ground" would be translated into spanish and a fellow colombian suggested "molido a piedra"

    Now, there's a video on youtube titled "El maíz molido en piedra de moler "

    Youtube thumbnail

       ..It looks like the person who posted such video is from Central America.

    And based on your link we can conclude that in Chile they would say " molido con piedra"

    So which option we would use would depend on our nationality.

    God bless you.

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  • Anonymous
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    stone-ground = molido en molino/metate de piedra, molido a piedra

    The expression "a la piedra" has another meaning.

    pescado/carne a la piedra = stone-grilled fish/meat

    pizza a la piedra = stone-baked pizza


    Source(s): Native Spanish speaker (Colombian), restaurant owner
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  • Nancy
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    None of the above.  You'd say "molido a la piedra."  Like if you are buying stone-ground flour, on the package it reads, "harina molida a la piedra."  

    But if you have to choose one of those three, like if this is for homework, choose "molido en piedra" because I believe I've heard that said, too.  It doesn't sound wrong like the other two do, the second missing the typical "la" before "piedra" that people say and the third just sounding wrong.

    Source(s): Learned Spanish to fluency living in Florida as a teenager in an area of Miami where nearly everyone was Colombian, Venezuelan, or Argentinian. Later studied Spanish at university, getting a bachelor's in Spanish and completing a year of study in Spain. Despite my year in Spain, my Spanish is still very Latin-American, my accent and vocabulary being strongly Colombian, Bogota to be specific.
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      Right. Molido a la piedra [molido con (entre) piedras de molino].

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