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Could you check and correct my spoken English to make it sounds like native speakers? I’m a English leaner.?

There are four people in my familiy including me. I have parants and younger btother. The other three are living in Miyazaki, rural area in Kyusyu, Japan.

My parents are living together at their home but my brother is living alon at his company's rented apartment building. My father is still working for a energy company as reemployment after his retier. And my mother is now a housewife but she worked parttime until recently. And my borother is a banker.

I'm currntly staying in Singapore with my wife, which is very far from my hometown but I went to my hometwon at the end of last year with my wife, which was a really fun.

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    Your SPOKEN English is quite fluent - no problems there, except that you skipped the article "a" in front of "rural" (after "Miyazaki"), and the end of your father's long-term employment should be called "retirement" rather than "retire".  Also, you want to be sure when sliding from the article "a" to a noun like "energy company" that you remember to insert the "N" sound between the two:  "...still working for aNenergy company" or "...aNenglish learner".  (That applies to any noun that starts with an open vowel sound.  It would apply to a noun like "R-class submarine" even though it begins with a consonant...and it would NOT apply to a noun like "yankee" even though it begins with "Y", which is considered a vowel in some circumstances.  It WOULD apply to "ytterbium" because that starts with the open sound "I" as in "it", even though it is spelled with a "Y".)

    Since you used the phrase " re-employment after his retirement", most English-speakers will infer that there is a government program in Japan to arrange useful employment for retirees.  If that is not the case, you might avoid that confusion by saying " a second career after..." or even " keep himself busy and make a little money after..."

    Your WRITTEN rendition of your paragraph has MANY spelling errors, but is still understandable.  Also, if one were writing rather than speaking, it would be good practice to avoid repeating a noun or a verb in one sentence - or even in adjacent sentences - in order to hold the reader's interest by selecting different words to present a more varied image.  In the last sentence, you could avoid repetition of "hometown" by simply using "home" in the first instance.

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      Thank you very much fro your comments. They are really helpful for me!!! I’ll read it again and again.

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