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Can you help me fix my index match Excel formula?

I'm still learning a lot about excel through self teaching. Yesterday I taught myself how vlookups and Index Matches work. I am trying to make a sheet that compiles data from a master list (its in a different sheet on the same file). After a full day of work I managed to MOSTLY get it to do what i want (ie, displaying only the names that fit a certain category) but instead of a nice neat list, it repeats the same name multiple times before going to the next name (which then repeats multiple times before going to the next name etc etc...) can you help me fix or alter my formula?

There is a large roster of names that all fall under 3 categories, Active, Candidate, and Retired. I am trying to compile a list of only the "Candidates"I have included this picture with the formula and the evident problem.I looked around a lot but could not find anyone else who had or addressed this problem. Many sites were saying that vlookups and index matches are the most simple and super basic formulas to use and explain things assuming the reader has extensive excel experience.But since i am teaching myself on the go i am finding them kinda complicated especially because i have to make them work across different sheets...Thanks!!


I should mention the INDEX is looking up the ID number on the far left, and the MATCH is looking for the Candidate status to return the answer, the names that are filled in are using a separate VLOOKUP formula based on the ID number that was populated in the far left column and have nothing to do with the INDEX MATCH formula i want to fix. Also im using Excel 2016

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