I am In college, and am doing very well. But, I feel like in the long term I cant possibly remember everything I learn, is this normal?

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  • 3 weeks ago
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    No, you do not recall every detail. Some of it will become obsolete with further research anyway. You WILL recall a lot of your insights, connections, principles you come to understand. You WILL learn & use your research skills, how to study, how to learn new materials. You WILL have to continue reading, learning, studying material related to your field. E.g. some occupations will have continuing education requirements, but all occupations will require you to keep up with current events, new info, changes in laws/regulations related to your occupation, and just plain new ideas related to your industry & field. You MUST be able to remain current, you MUST be able to integrate new info, or you will quickly become obsolete in a changing world. 

    You don't need to, and won't, recall - say - details of the Krebs Cycle or some particular historical event, unless you use it in your work and/or daily living. But if you understand the concepts, and can apply them, you will retain what education is all about. 

    This is why memorizing textbooks is ultimately foolish - and useless. You have to understand underlying concepts, processes, and learn to learn & relate incoming info to what-all you have previously learned. And when science, research, new info comes in, understand what "old stuff" to replace, what to expand, and how it works together.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Yes, this is normal. Also, when you graduate, Itis normal to feel like you know everything and the world is yours to conquer, for a week to 10 days, A few may realize how LITTLE they really know and be terrified, the. Be delighted, because there will ALWAYS be new things to learn and new skills you can develop. That is when you become a professional student. You can learn something new from EVERYONE and you can always go to school, including the school of life experience. U

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