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Had sex boy hasn’t text me after? ?

I’m gonna be straight forward, I met with a dude and we went out multiple times and had fun. 3 weeks ago I invited him over to my apartment after he gets out of work. I cooked and we watched movies. The morning after we got physical and I drove him back home. We pecked and went about our ways. The day after, he text me saying “Hey wassup” I replied and we had a nice chat. A week after that I decided to text him saying “Hey, how are you? Sorry for being MIA. All I do is work and sleep.” He replies (after 6 hours) “Hey it’s cool I’ve had a lot on my plate too since I started classes this week, hope everything is good with you.” 

Now, I know with questions like this people love taking the chance to be assholes. Yes, I’m well aware I was most likely used. 

The question is 

Do I text him saying how I feel or do I just move on? He still has me on all social media. 

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    Let me be clear here, you were NOT used! To use someone implies taking advantage of that person, or to exploit for ones' own selfish reasons, that is the very basic defintion of the word "to use someone". You and him had consensual sex, you wanted it ever bit as he did, he didn't trick you/or exploit you, both of you got equal pleasure out of it.

    You guys are friends who hooked up once, there was no gurantees between you that it would ever happen again, so, really what it was, a ons! These things happen all the time, doesn't mean a person was used during it.

    What is it that YOU want from him, because YOU are not making your intents clear here- Are you looking for friends? Another hookup? Friends with benefits? A full blown relationship? I think you need to figure out what it is you truly want from him, and then you express your thoughts with him.

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    If you didn't get any promises before you had sex with this guy he's not really doing anything morally wrong. If you really feel like you were used you should probably just move on. Does sound like he's going to give you what you want.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    He is not your bf he does not owe you anything...

    Is called a : hook up

    He probably gonna text u next time he wants puss-y..

    And  thats why he keeps u on social media..


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  • 4 weeks ago

    I think you should move on because it sounds like a situation I used to be in. I think telling him how you feel is more for someone you actually could see yourself going far with and not for someone who used you. My opinion is don't waste your time. Hope this helps.

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