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How to pip install apiai?

I wrote command in pycharm pip install apiai and I didn't work. It says that it's not internal or external command. I just saw person's terminal there was - (venv) Webinar-Princess: 25062019 skillbok$ pip install apiai. He explained nothing about that. Someone said me to check pypi org. thought it's need to install API ai client, because I can't install just by typing this command. Archive is downloaded but where to install it? Will this archive even help?

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    You probably haven't got PIP installed. Head over to their website, it'll be installed within a few simple steps.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    That's a Windows error message.  Looks like Python wasn't installed with the option to put its directories into the system PATH.  That's pretty normal--especially if you have multiple versions installed.  You can launch the default version and run pip from the command line using the py.exe launcher.  That's installed in the Windows system directory and is version-independent.

        py -m pip install apiai

    You can list installed versions (that py.exe knows about) with:

        py --list

    Make that --list-paths instead of --list if you want to see *where* each version is installed.  The * in the list indicates the default Python version to use.  If you want to update a different version, use something like:

        py -3.6 -m pip install apapi

    That will use (and update) the Python 3.6 installation.

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