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how does this guy really feel ab me ?

so i met this guy at a party on friday and he was being flirty and i thought he was cute so i flirted back. i then realized he has a gf but he kept saying how she’s crazy and how he’s planning on breaking up with her. so he’s continuing to flirt and i back down cuz he has a girl obviously, but this kid literally has me head over heels for him. later that night he followed me on insta and dmed me like a pic of our two friends no big deal. he goes to a different school but i go to school with his cousin and she’s a close friend so i told her that i thought he was hot and she was like he’s breaking up with his girl soon like she’s insane so she told him that i thought he was hot  and he was like wow i wish she told me i was vibing with her all night. Today (monday) he asked for my snap and we started talking and i asked him if he was still fighting w his girl and he said they worked it out and then he called me friend. lol i know i sound crazy but there’s no way i’m just a “friend”. i’m just confused lol 

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  • He told you out of his own mouth that you're just a friend. Why aren't you believing him? No matter how much he complains with his girlfriend doesn't mean anything if he's still with her dealing with it. She must be giving him something that he wants. Also, you should make a list of requirements that a man needs to pass in order to be in a relationship with you. That way, there will be no confusion, going forward and no time being wasted.

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