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Precalc help?

1a. A crab fisherman leaves his home port of dutch harbor, Alaska and travels N80degreesW for 100 miles to his favorite fishing grounds. After setting his traps, he heads N40degrees for 60 miles to his second favorite fishing grounds. After setting his traps at the second location, how far is he from dutch harbor?

1b. What heading should he take to return home?

2a. Find the area of the given quadrilateral:

<A: 110 degrees

a: 95 cm

b: 65 cm

c: 55 cm

d: 50 cm

please show work! I'm really desperate, I've been trying to figure out my homework for the past 4 hours and my math teacher refuses to help me.

2 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    Those aren't recognizable direction of travel (heading) indicators.  Direction is expressed in degrees, minutes, and seconds (0-359 degrees N).  Example- 0.00.00 (due north), or 270.00.00 (due west).  A location would be expressed like this:  21°18'44.31"N ,157°54'36.34"W (that's Honolulu, btw). I have no idea what the hell N80degreesW is supposed to indicate.

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  • 2 months ago

    I should be able to solve it but I'm not sure what the question is asking, could you take a picture of the textbook or website? I'm a pilot in training so I work with headings and such regularly but your question seems to be in a different format from what I'm used to.

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