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Paypal does not want to honor buyer protection plan... wants an independent appraisal for a low ticket item?

Company called Guiwei  Trade in China advertised.. what they called  ' snow fall ' or 'rainfall'.  Lights.  Each piece consists of 8 light tubes.

They advertised 5 to 15 days ship to US... and 1 pc equals 8 light tubes per piece.

I ordeedr 4 sets EACH of 5 different lights or 20 pieces each with 8 light tubes for a total of 20 sets and a total of 160 light Tubes

Paid through paypal.    Guiwei took 10 weeks to deliver and only delivered 4 pcs instead of 20.

Many other users on Facebook and on Sharkeshop web site have complained about being ripped off by this company...

Paypal wants me to  hire an indedpendent auditor to count the pieces and make a detailed report on what is missing before they will honor the buyer protection plan.  I have 7 days to do so otherwise paypal says they will rule for the scammer.

Facebook does not care that their site is being used for scammers in China to to advertise.   

So what government agencies are willing to act on these complaints OR  what is the least expensive way to have someone count these pieces and sign an affadavit to be submitted to paypal.

Paypal seems to be more concerned about getting their money from scammers as opposed to protecting buyers...

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