What can I do with a food science masters degree?


I was thinking of doing an accelerated program for a food science masters degree at my University, but wasn't quite sure what types of jobs I would be able to get with it. What types of jobs would be available to me if I graduated with that?

Thank you.

1 Answer

  • 3 weeks ago

    Why did you go for this field? What were your career goals, aims? The only obvious prospects might be with food processor plants. Did you check your university's rankings in this field? Did you investigate placement office postings of employers in this field - who is recruiting for what sorts of jobs with what requirements to apply? Do these bear any relation to your interests, goals, aims, etc?

    But remember the growing concerns over processed foods, growing interest in whole foods, organic fields, and decline in many people's use of processed foods. Are you bucking a trend which will impact demand for people in that field?

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