Slight tightness and a tabby pain on left side of chest after quitting vape and smoking?

So I recently quit vaping njoy products, thc carts and smoking weed as well, this was last Friday the 24th, reason being was cause I was having some breathing problems, my breathing has gotten better but I get this tight and kind of stabby pain on the left side of my chest, is this normal with withdrawal symptoms I had been smoking and vaping for a year almost everyday and to add I’m 20 years old, I visited my Doctor he checked my heart and said it sounded perfectly fine and my blood pressure was fine as well, I never had any heart issues or anything like that before and my anxiety is making it worse, could my anxiety cause some issues like this? Any info or reply would be much appreciated still kind of feeling worried about the pain I’m experiencing, it’s not bad to where I can’t handle it but I don’t like the fact I can feel it on my left side of my chest it makes me worry about my heart and if I gave myself any issues, again any info would help and has anyone else gone through the same thing before? 


I never smoked cigarettes just weed when I imply smoking just to add 

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  • 3 weeks ago

    All overreaction. you have no heart issues. just withdrawal from the vape.

    • divino3 weeks agoReport

      I forgot to mention I use to do a lot of acid I stopped because the last trip I had felt like I almost had a heart attack and this was back in Dec 28,2019 

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