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women do you like this wallet?

this wallet is made of polyurethane leather (eco leather) Faux leather that looks like real leather, but its advantage is in durability. would you buy it for $ 40

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    No. You can pretty up your descriptive words all you want but it's still plastic and there is NOTHING eco- conscious about plastic. Wildlife in the oceans is choking to death on plastics. Wildlife on land is dying from plastic contamination in the soil and food chain. Plastic comes from oil and we need to stop using carbon producing petroleum and petroleum byproducts such as plastics. Plastic is less durable than real leather, not more. Real leather is a renewable resource, produces tons less carbon than plastic and lasts a lot longer than plastic. My husband has a 13 year old wallet that looks as good now as it did when he bought it. I wouldn't pay 40$ for plastic, not when the same plastic wallet is sold for 5$ at the dollar store.

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    • Yevgeniy4 weeks agoReport

      Of course, artificial leather is more dangerous, but as they say in a barrel of honey there is a fly in the ointment.

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