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AirPods problem ?

Ok so I’ve had this problem for around a couple days wear one airpod sounds like the small mesh isn’t working (left AirPod) I tried everything, cleaning it, resetting the AirPods, adjusting the volume balance but none of them worked. I messaged Apple and they said they would send me one in the mail if I had a credit card/Visa card (I’m 14 and we tried getting me a visa gift card but my grandma bought the wrong card and she put $60 on it and my dad said he would try to get my money refunded) also Apple said try to schedule an appointment (I live around 3 hrs from the nearest Apple store)

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    I had a problem with my EarPods (one distorted the bass frequencies) I took them back (not an Apple store), they sent them to Apple and about a week later, they gave me a brand new pair with a new full 2 year warranty. Apple service is absolutely great. I'm sure you'll get your AirPod replaced somehow. Don't worry.  rules 🙂

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      Call Apple again and use your parent's credit card...

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