Why do the cops in GTA Sa attack me even though I didn't do anything?

I've been playing GTA San Andreas resented and I know the cops attack when you commit crimes but in a certain area of the map that has the airplanes and helicopter airport place the wanted stars go to 4/6 even though I didn't do anything. The area I'm talking about is on the other side of a river like thing and the bridges to the area are closed off and won't let me cross the bridge so I swam to the other side and that were the cops attacked me. I think it's called blueberry acres or something and again it's near the helicopter and airplane airport place. Why do they attack me even though I didn't do anything I just wanna explore the rest of the map lol

2 Answers

  • 4 weeks ago

    Trying to access areas that you haven't unlocked through the game's store will INSTANTLY trigger a maximum want level as YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSE TO BE THERE YET (the game will not open up any services in that area until complete the story mission that unlocks it).

    As for other areas, it's likely a security restricted area (like Area 69) that nobody except authorized personnel (IE, NOT YOU... unless you're dress up as somebody that would be there) can access.

    Just proceed through the game's story missions & you'll unlock the major regions of the map.

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Because the airport and locations you haven't unlocked are restricted areas which will always get the police after you.

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