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Where was the abundance of atmosphere and focus in Resident Evil 4 and how was RE4 story more 'self-contained' then other RE games?

Bonus Question: How was Resident Evil 4 'scary' or 'Survival Horror'?

Even when I first played Resident Evil 4 in 2005 I never felt that much atmosphere or focus in the game, honestly the very intro of the game was a total letdown for me as someone who played 1 - 3 and besides the fear of falling back to the last typewriter save due to a one hit kill I never felt scared, in my opinion 4 doesn't even feel like a Resident Evil game and is probably the most convoluted out of all the RE games you jump from an undisclosed village in Spain to a castle to a military research island. The over-the-shoulder view was groundbreaking upon release however that shouldn't do anything for the game now. I don't really understand how players categorized Resident Evil 4 as 'Survival Horror' when it's clearly action horror.

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