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Am I using the right foundation?

Or am I just doomed? Honestly at this point i just want to give up, I'm tired of trying new products and having them look awful on me. I try watching tutorials, tips and trick on how to apply them based on my skin, and i still look awful. I would go with less coverage, but i work in a professional environment, And if i just use a powder or BB cream I just don't Look put together. 

I have tried the Fenty foundation, with the fenty primer, and tarte setting spray with it. A complete disaster, ive tried it with no primer, no setting spray, different kinds of setting spray, and i always look awful. I blot my face with oil sheets and use touch up powder. But it all still melts off my face. 

I have fair oily skin, It also has texture, acne, and acne scars. What would you recommend? What kind of Foundation, primer, setting powder, and setting spray? 


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    You sound like a prime candidate for going to a high-end beauty store and letting them do your face with the products they think best.

    FWIW, a professional environment may require that you look professional, but that doesn't mean you have to look like you spend hours on your makeup. That might be true in a fashion or beauty-related industry, but not in business, academia, science, etc. You probably have to dress and groom, have an appropriate hair style and all, but it's rare there are actual rules about cosmetics use.

    I've got oily skin even now (I'm pretty old) and I've found that matte powdered foundation is what works best for me, over whatever concealer I need and under a layer of loose powder that matches. It minimizes irregularities in texture and doesn't seem to lead to breakouts that liquid foundations seem to.

    I found the coverage on Bare Minerals too light. Urban Decay and Tarte were both fine. The clay-based Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation gave the most coverage and, bonus time, kept me unshiny the longest. A mid-day blot and fresh powder helped. (I actually prefer cheap toilet paper over blotting sheets, and lucky me, every public restroom uses the cheap stuff.)

    I don't use a primer except around my eyes, where my moisturizer allows liner and shadow to disappear in hours if I don't. (If only I didn't need to blink!) I've tried setting spray, only once, and found it made no difference at all.

    I hope this helps you choose a winner.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Esteé Lauder double wear is the only one that covers my acne and has a great colour range. They recommend it for nurses with long hours and my skin is quite oily but this just has a dewy finish, I don’t always need powder now I use it. Problem is the price but I guess if you’ve tried Fenty then it’s similar price. When you put it on it’s a little streaky but after it’s blended out for a bit it’s covers my texture and pores so well without feeling heavy. Primer I’d say a pore minimising one and setting spray urban decay is good. Good luck in your search!! 

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