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I bought an Ashbody strat, what type strings and gauge sound best on a maple neck for Hendrix tones?

It is an American Special ash body with 50's fat in the bridge and middle with SD super distortion in bridge (standard wiring).  The neck is all maple Eric Clapton soft v with jumbo frets, but it is unofficial Fender, so it is a parts caster.  I play via a Vox VT 20+ modeling amp and sometimes in amplitube app on iPad with quality headphones (no pedals).  Anyways, I guess you can label me a tone chaser and I am trying to figure out the next step to take to sound closer to jimi's 68.  Do I need to a tube amp? Fuzz pedal? Or swap out the ash body for alder with same pups?  I feel I would get closer tones with alder body, but then again it might be more so to do with the amp...or the pups.  I probably need to just sell the guitar altogether and get an American Professional Alder body strat.  No sure here which way to go.  Suggestions?

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    Ash is ok. Late '60s Maple-necks are slimmer, like V-profile. Jimi mostly used neck p/up, varied strings for balance, bent 'bar, and tuned down a 1/2-step. Also Marshall amps (2x100w Stacks), eq's at 5/Bass 6, Attenuator on Lo, Curly patch-cord, Wah-pedal is good. 

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    Ask any pro and they will tell you that the tone is in the hands.  If you could jump in a way-back machine and have Jimi hand you his guitar in the middle of a performance, you wouldn't get his tone. Conversely, Jimi playing your parts-caster through your Vox would be unmistakably Jimi. Don't believe me? Well consider this: although we think of Jimi with a white Strat, he occasionally used different guitars and amps.

    If you *are* going to chase tone by copying his gear, strings are probably the least important factor.  Having said that, Fender sells Voodoo Child 10-38 strings which are supposed to be like the original Fender strings Jimi reportedly used. I don't think it's necessary to buy another guitar. 

    More important to Jimi's sound are some of the effects he used. You might want to read the links below:

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      I am not trying to replicate him, rather just achieve somewhere close to what he was doing.  I understand about signature riffs.  Everything in the set-up down to a players fingers is what defines a player.  I just wanted to know what direction to take first.  I'm thinking a Vox might be too poppy.

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