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Irregular bleeding ? is this normal ? ?

i usually didn’t used to have spotting before my period but the last few periods i did . before my most recent period, i was spotting for 5 days but on the first day i had cramps, back pain and tender boobs which is something that always happens on the first day of my period so i thought it was my period and it wasn’t. i ended up getting my actual period that lasted 6 days (normally 5) and it was a little heavier than normal. it’s been 3 days since my period and i’ve been spotting since it stopped. it’s super light and every time i wipe there is blood . i’m not sure what’s going on . i’m not having any pain or anything. I’m african american 20 years old if it matters can someone please help is this normal. i just want to see what you guys think before i go to the hospital  

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  • 3 weeks ago

    If you are going to the hospital have your head examined while you are there that's where your problem is

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