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My puppy got his eyeball scratched by a barn cat.?

My puppy got his eyeball scratched by a freakin cat Saturday night. I wasn’t able to try and get him to a vet until today. I’ll be taking him in ASAP. It’s a little cloudy, it doesn’t look very blue anymore, but he doesn’t seem to be in pain. He doesn’t paw at it, he doesn’t rub his face onto anything, he doesn’t repeatedly blink from irritation, the eye itself isn't red, he has a few eye boogers, and he acts like himself. He’s not drowsy, sleepy, or different. I’m just wondering why his eye doesn’t look blue anymore and if the cloudiness could potentially be led to blindness? The picture was taken last night and it already looks way better than it did!

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Not bothering to look at the picture because what's the point? You're not "able" to get him to a vet? He should have been rushed to one because YES - he very well COULD go blind. You have ZERO intentions of taking this puppy to the vet. You wouldn't be posting this and under the delusion it "looks better" if you were. You just want some fellow idiot to say "OH HE SHOULD BE FINE!" as justification not to go.

    You're a horrible pet owner and never should have gotten this puppy ESPECIALLY if you just let him roam loose to terrorize the barn cats. I highly doubt he was innocently sitting inside your home and a barn cat came in and attacked him. You're pathetic.

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    No one here can answer those questions because we haven't examined your dog and do not know the extent of the injury.     Most of the time injuries like this scratch the cornea which heals with medication. 

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