Is this natural as Spoken English?

"Why do cars overtake us even on the train? Is there a mechanical failure or something?"

"It s natural to think that way, but there s nothing wrong with it. Let s enjoy slow travel on the Kanto Tetsudo Joso Line."

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  • Nancy
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    4 weeks ago

    In this context, saying "even" isn't right.  Saying "even" suggests cars overtaking you on a variety of modes of transportation, the train being the quickest of them.  That's not what you're saying, though.  You're simply saying that you're on a slow train, one that travels slower than cars, so it's not "cars overtake us even on the train" but simply "cars overtake us on the train."

    I know you had put apostrophes in "let's," "it's," and "there's," but they disappeared because of a Yahoo glitch.  I'm only mentioning it so that anyone else reading this won't think I missed the missing apostrophes.

    Maybe "Kanto Tetsudo Jose Line" is the proper name, but I have a feeling that that's a list of places, in which case hyphens should go between the place names.  

    Finally, you've used quotation marks correctly if this is dialogue between two people.  If it's one person saying all this, then you must omit the quotation marks after the question mark and omit the quotation marks before "It's."

    • Minamoto4 weeks agoReport

      Thank you for your advice in detail! You've been a great help.

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