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Beyond depressed..l..?

I'm not happy at my job at all..I've been wanting to leave for a while. I'm also going through some other things. I want to quit my job, although, I don't have another one lined up. I feel myself slipping deeper into depression, each day. I know it can take months before solidifying a new job. I'm so unhappy in life, right now, if I wait another few months, I'm afraid I'll be in an even more depressed state. I want to just leave my job, and regain my health and happiness;live off my savings while seeking new employment. I'm just so unsure...Thoughts? Thank you.

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    There's no sense in working anyplace you're not happy. We get one life on this earth and you should spend the majority of this life doing things that make you happy. You can find another more enjoyable job. 

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    This is a question you should talk about with a qualified professional. The questions that need to be addressed are, first, is it possible that there are methods you could use that would make the present job more tolerable? Also, if you were to leave now, how would you cope psychologically with prolonged unemployment?

    Having nothing to do can be very stressful. If you decide to make yourself unemployed, one thing that could make a big difference, in more ways than one, is volunteer work. You'd be able to say you were keeping busy during the upcoming interviews. Being active and purposeful activity are healthy. Sources - craigslist, volunteer match, yahoo local, google, local papers, volunteer tips lists.

    By the way, there's a lot of things that help with depression. Therapists don't always do a good job of counseling people about these things. Details here, under DEPRESSION TREATMENTS. Info about things that enhance the results of the standard treatments.

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  • 1 month ago

    One test at a time.  WHY are you unhappy at work? Are you sure it is your work that is causing you to be depressed?  What steps are you taking to improve your physical and mental health now?  

    It really doesn't take that much to get more sleep and exercise, and improve your diet.  Those are the foundation of good mental health.  So is meditation/pray and being grateful.  You also may have access to counseling -- which would be a good step as well.

    Here is the harsh reality.  It will be much harder to find a new job if you are unemployed and quit your last position.  You'd be much better off applying now, while you still have a job.  If you mental health is really, really bad, get professional help and take a medical leave of absence from your job. 

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