What are some Illegal things schools can do freely?

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    Without going into specifics … it can be lots of things.  For example rights one enjoys under the US Constitution do not follow students into the school house.  Why?  Because when you go to school you agree to do so by waiving many of these rights.  You still retain them, but not as it pertains to attending school.  For example school can punish you without due process of law.  There are no courts or presumptions of innocence until proven guilty.  Schools can waive your right to privacy (search your locker) and your physical freedom (detention).  You can legally resist these things but to do so the consequence is being kicked out of school.

    PS  Before you try to TD my answer please note the word "can" is not an absolute term.

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  • Satan
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    4 weeks ago

    Make kids work for free!

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