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Jose asked in Cars & TransportationCar Audio · 2 months ago

6.5 Inch speaker box?

Made a speaker box with a couple of 6.5 inch speakers I had laying around. I don't necessarily expect much out of it. Just made it for fun and plan to probably use it indoors. Would a small amp help improve the sound of the audio?

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  • 2 months ago
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    Is this a stand alone box with its own power supply or just a couple speakers in a box you're hooking up to another source (like a home receiver)?

    If the former, you're going to need an amp of SOME kind otherwise you'll have no sound at all.  So yes, that would improve the sound -- from nothing to something.

    If the latter, the receiver would be supplying the power and it would be counter-productive to use a small amp in place of a decent receiver, so no.

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    • N2Audio
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      2 months agoReport

      It is self powered. You just have to plug it in to a 12v power source and connect it to a bluetooth music source and it will give you sound. It is very lower power, so don't expect a ton of output. Adding a little more power would be a fairly complicated process.

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  • Yes, you NEED an amplifier. Your 6.5's won't come alive without an amplifier.

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  • 2 months ago

    They will perform better mounted in the box than raw. They are speakers, so when you connect them to a sound source, such as a radio, they will operate. How well they play depends on their design ability. There are some 6.5" speakers that sound pretty good. I got a bunch of them from the salvage yard out of Toyotas for a few bux each, attached them to battery powered amplifiers (Velleman kits), jacks and switches, mounted them in old suitcases and they made good portable guitar amplifiers for the park, thebeach, etc. Suitcases from 2nd hand stores, especially old ones made perfect boxes for that. Small SLA batteries were used and I used power supplies from old cordless phones to recharge them. If you plan on running your speakers from a phone, don't expect much volume without an amplifier, but they might sound much better qualitatively than the phone by itself. Look at the power rating stamped on the magnet of those speakers you have to get an idea how strong an amp you can use on them. Not knowing any more, I'd say you made a nice extension speaker.

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