Sometimes, when I finish talking to someone, I worry that I accidentally did or said something embarrassing. Any Advice?


This tends to be related to flirtation even if it's with me (a straight guy) and another guy (also straight). When I was 14, this happened when I thought I said "I love you" to my male teacher. This made me worry for 2 years. Any coping mechanisms??

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  • Petter
    Lv 7
    3 weeks ago

    Don't worry, be happy. =)

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    • Petter
      Lv 7
      3 weeks agoReport

      Well, we all say things we regret for one reason or another. It can happen to anyone. If it does, then just apologize and try to explain why it came out wrong or whatever, I think most people will understand. It's not a big deal, imho, and not something really to worry about.

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