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He bailed on one of our dates. We fought. I reached out a month later to officially end things. Why does he keep viewing my stories?

It’s not the first time he’s bailed or the first time we’ve fought. He’s always been on the fence about me. 

I feel like I’ve given too much to try to make this work and I’m always left hanging with him. So I clearly told him after a month of no contact (where he kept watching my stories), that I’m done. He didn’t seem happy with me wanting to end things and gave the excuse that he was too tired that’s why he bailed. He also said it was never about sex (which is what I sometimes accused him of in the past). So now that it’s over (at least from my side), why does he continue to watch my stories?? 

I mean I ‘dumped’ him?? (We were not officially together), so why view the stories?

Does he not have any shame? 

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    Grow up, you sound desperate

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  • 3 weeks ago

    I hope you're just one more anonymous troll, because if you're seriously asking this question you're too silly and shallow to exist.

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