I don't want to move on.?

I have had a crush on a girl for over 5 years now. We are very good friends, and have lots of similar interests and get along very well. She liked me at first, then I liked her, but the timings didn't match up. She has a very weird thing with relationships and will do anything to avoid relationships or even hook ups. However, she is very flirty and for the past 4 years, though she is a lovely person, she has basically unintentionally lead me on. I know that this is an unhealthy relationship for me and I know that I have to move on, but every time I attempt this, I get physically uncomfortable. I believe this is not only because I like her, but I also like the fact that I like her. It is a very comforting feeling. Every time I try to move on, my mind defaults to remembering all the good memories I have had with her and I have severe difficulty making progress. One big problem is, I cannot think of any bad memories of her because we have always gotten along. The only thing that I can associate her with "bad" is the whole aspect of our relationship. Although my friends tell me this and I also tell myself this, I cannot manage to fully believe that it is true, because I like liking her so much. I have asked her out twice, gotten rejected, and even she recently seems to have realized what she is doing and has started to become less flirty with me. However, none of this helps me in trying to move on since I cannot step outside of my comfort zone and like somebody else. Please help.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    We can't help you. We're not your therapist. You're going to stay obsessed and you'll NEVER move on until you've faced reality and realized you don't like living this way anymore.

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