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Shall I speak to my ex even after we've hurt each other?

I realise I haven't handled the situation well.

I dumped my boyfriend in a resturaunt after we'd finished eating.

I then regretted it, invited him to mine to talk. I treated it more like a date, and at the end said I really wanted things to work.

A week later I changed my mind and ended things again. This was all done via whats app.

At this point he sent insults my way via whatsapp. We didn't talk for 3 days but after he said sorry and wanted to talk.

Do I owe him this?

Yes, before you say, I have been a complete dick.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Can you grow up in just 3 days?  What is to stop you making more stupid moves tomorrow?  Even if you never wanted to see him again you do owe him the courtesy of an apology and a reasonable statement that you don't think the relationship is right.  Yet wish him all the best for his future.  There is no excuse for inconsiderate bad manners and you should put that right no matter what else you do.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    What you did was DISGUSTING. You dump someone and are too cowardly to do it properly and to their face. Says a lot about you. Good luck in getting a serious relationship any time soon. I would say yes, you owe him a talk. but goodness knows why your ex would want to talk to you. He's every right to be angry tbh

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Women should be seen and not heard. Seriously, this is what I'm talking about, you're constantly making bad decisions because your brains don't work properly. You should leave the thinking to the men and do what you're told. 

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