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How to make a (manual, non-battery operated) hand-crank?

Short version:

I need to know how to make a decent, reliable hand crank for a side project.

Long version:

I'm working on a project that needs a lot of i-cord/embellish wool, but the 'machine' I was using broke and last time it took a very long time to arrive. Not to mention, I now need a 5 pronged version, which no one makes and if they do, they don't ship to Australia.

Because of this, I've resorted to making my own version, and the prongs and such work fine-ish, however the hand crank is giving me the most trouble. Every time I google how to make one, it brings up a generator to be used for emergency torches, but not for the actual crank itself.

This is the machine I was using, until the handle broke (and no one sells replacement parts for these either)

I have tried looking around for someone who can/will sell these to Australian, but because of postage or the tedious nature of these design, no one's really keen on taking on this task.

Remember, I only want to know how to *make* a hand-crank, so I can tailor it to my project. If someone does make custom knitters and is interested in reaching out, I'm more than happy to discuss. This has been stressing me out for a while, since it's for a gift and every time I've hit a brick wall.

1 Answer

  • roger
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Take a  piece of   3/8"   iron rod.   Make two bends in it in  opposite  directions -- that  makes a   hand crank.

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