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Should I quit my job for Lyft/Doordash?

Currently I work as a full time GM for Papa Johns. I am focusing on a production company startup that I have brought in a few contracts for. The issue is that I feel like my primary job is getting in the way of me being able to focus on my business. I have consistently made good money with Lyft and Doordash and am thinking of quitting to give me more time to focus on my business.



Basically driving during the days I am not working for my own company!

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    Thank you for a very good question.  Are you a GM and driving for Papa Johns during the day, which prevents you from working Lyft/Doordash?

    The traditional formula for quitting your job to work for yourself is when your self-employment income equals or exceeds your job income.  But you can bend or stretch a rule if you perceive it to be the right step to take.  For instance, if you want to transition to Lyft/Doordash, be sure you have plenty of savings in case the transition doesn't work out.  

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