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When is it okay to speak to an ex girlfriend that has blocked me and unblocked me, I don’t want to seem like a stalker.?

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  • Ana
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    1 month ago

    Ideally you should move on and talk to somebody else. Here’s why.

    If she wants you back, then she WILL contact you, even if you haven’t contacted her first.

    If she doesn’t want you back, then you continuing to try to talk to her isn’t going to accomplish anything, except getting you a restraining order or a stalking charge.

    I know this sounds harsh, but ex girlfriends are often extremely vindictive and evil. If you broke up AT ALL on bad terms, then she ABSOLUTELY would try to use it against you if you contact her. It’s just the nature of females.

    If you’re young then you might not understand how much a criminal record can screw your life up, but it absolutely can. 

    Criminal Stalking, criminal harassment, restraining orders, etc are all big reasons for jobs to not hire you, AND housing/rentals to deny you. Then you end up having to pay more in housing to some sketchy landlord who agrees to not background check you, and you end up working a crap job for low pay. 

    So your best bet is to go to the gym, get muscular, whiten your teeth, do some studying and self reflecting, etc, become the best “you” that you can be, and after About 3 weeks of muscle building, studying and self reflecting, then start dating again, download bumble and tinder. Get laid! Once you do this, your ex will likely message you back, and even if she doesn’t, by then you won’t even care once you have some other babes

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    That's a worthless move. It just makes you look desperate. Don't even consider her. She blocked you, block her forever. There's plenty of fish in the sea.

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