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Would you agree a lot of people overreact to Ramadan/fasting?

I get it, you haven't eaten all day. You're hungry. But when people start cancelling all their plans, or complain that they have to deal with school or work on an empty stomach...I understand that sometimes you can feel super weak and dizzy because I've felt that way and it becomes impossible to get out of bed. Or maybe you get sick because you haven't been eating properly. But you shouldn't be feeling that way for 30 whole days! You'd need to see a doctor if that was the case!

It's literally the same thing as when you didn't get a chance to eat breakfast and worked all day or had school and then attended an event afterwords and didn't come home till evening. We've all had days like that. I feel like I'm coming off as being the one that's overreacting but I really do feel like everyone that complains can actually handle it just fine but jump on a sort of bandwagon. (again, if you feel like physical crap then that's a different story. but when people are like, "I can't hang out with my friends, seeing all that food makes me hungry," or "I can't go shopping. Seeing all that food makes me hungry," etc. Are you really that dependent on food that you can't do basic chores or socializing? 

Idc If I can't eat, I'd still love to hang out with my friends instead of staying cooped up inside thinking about how I can't eat anything TILL night!

Fasting can be super hard. But I can't help but get irritated by everyone when they complain about that kind of thing.  


It's not just one or two people. EVERYONE says the same thing EVERY YEAR, EVERY TIME and I guess what I'm trying to say(and perhaps, it really is just me but-) the co-dependency I see people have with food really disgusts me. Like you're not malnourished on the streets, you'll have food eventually in the day. How could you let it dictate your life. Of all things it's JUST food?! 

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    most are just drama queens wanting attention or sympathy... Most people should be able to do just fine without food for a few hours... I am a muslim, I do Ramadan fasting just fine.. I also do intermittent fasting (look it up).. other days of the year... where I eat in a specific time and fast the other hours... I dont get dizzy or hungry, your body adapts to this,. im healthier for it also,..

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Some people get real hungry bro they got that appetite. My body is like a gas guzzling heavy tank and this tank needs its fuel baby 

    Source(s): if hulk no get fuel then hulk smash :X
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