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Why is there someone at my school looking my way?

What is it that they want? I’m really curious as to why when I turn around, I catch them looking my direction. I’m not sure, if this has to do with anything about liking someone or any sort of interest going on.

Last time I caught them looking when I was at lunch. The other day I caught them looking during the school hallway while they were talking with friends, but I saw them looking my way, and I caught them looking, but they kept on looking. Again, third time I saw them looking (not sure if it was them) looking at me from a distance. Do they think something of me perhaps do they think I like them? I don’t. They were looking three times in a row. And the last last time I caught them, I was walking passed by with nervous hands also I heard some talking from them/their nearby friends.

Why are they doing this? It’s causing me paranoia. I remember I saw them in the hallways going to class, but they didn’t care to turn around my way. I don’t believe they knew I had the same hall as them because we were going to our classes in the morning. I’m sure they have a girlfriend or like someone already, but why is it they look my direction?

Thanks so much for reading. And thank you in advance for answering/your input.


Is it just me? Am I going crazy and overreacting even overthinking it? I don’t know anything about the person. They just freak me out because of what is happening right now. What should I do in this situation? Should I avoid them? (Somehow when I walk somewhere and I don’t even know where they happen to be, it ends up that they’re there! I think I go to places at the wrong time. They happen to be there! Idk how.)

Update 2:

@Anonymous thank you. I don’t know why they would be curious about me though since I am very, very, very boring. Idk how I appear to make others curious of me for them to want to look out of curiosity or observations. Weird. I’m not some sort of science lab experiment. 😂

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    You know in some places in the country it's very normal to casuaIIy Iook at people, sometimes it can be rude not to. They might just Iook at you out of curiousity if you're an interesting person, they might not Iike you because of something you did without noticing, maybe you look like someone they know, or they might have a crush on you (even if they already have a girlfriend). But again, some peopIe just stare a Iot out of curiousity/observation.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    maybe they like you

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