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What if black holes,gamma ray birst, and other old billions of light year things are already dead? ?


There is no threat to out expansion.

Update 2:


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    Black holes are basically the corpses of very massive stars;  the star lived, died, and exploded - the core was crushed down to the point of forming a black hole. 

    A Gamma Ray Burst is released during the star's collapse into a black hole or neutron star;  they're usually focused into two beams that shoot out as the star is collapsing. 

    There are neutron stars, which are also corpses of very massive stars;  the atoms have had electrons crushed into their nuclei during a supernova, leaving a mass of nothing but neutrons. 

    And, there are white dwarfs - which is the fate of our sun in the future - when a not-quite-so-massive star (like our sun) dies... 

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  • 3 weeks ago

    They are already dead and have been for some time..The solar mass black holes may have completely evaporated and are gone. A

    Light year is a unit of distance

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  • Bill
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    3 weeks ago

    Some of them probably are, but we can't know until the light, gamma rays or whatever stop reaching us.

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