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I have a lot on my dish as I can’t put all in detail but I added a bit. I just want to know where does it seem my mom is comin from?

I talk to some guy for a few months & tonight he told me how his dad is ready for grandkids then I told him how my dad is the complete opposite, then he text me if my dad will ever wants to have grandkids? So I asm my mom has dad ever mention & she said no then I said one time he came & told me how to not keep my cell phone so close as it causes fertility problems & if I want kids to keep it away, my mom response “Well from what he watches he even watches for him”. Then she stop it was as if she was going to say he also watches for himself. I ask her to repeat what she said & she change it to “from what your dad watches he sees how schools are using all technology & how it messes with fertility”. So if my dad is also watching out for himself that mean his fertility? I ask my mom is she ready for grandkids & she said “no I’ll go bye bye”. She was just telling me how she thinks it’s crazy that Cameron Diaz had a baby at 47 she thinks it’s sad because by the time the child is 10 she could be the grandma. Also my mom said she doesn’t herself have patience herself really at her age. She said this passed summer she’s done having kids, first time she said it seem iffy but the second time she seem for sure & wants to live her life. I have 2 younger sisters 10-8 my middle sister is always in/out the hospital I have to watch my youngest sister and take over etc. all I want to know if it seems she’s done having kids? Btw my dad takes pills he says for energy but it’s also for fertility

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    i wouldnt worry about it, babies are cute, wish i had one at my place

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    No idea what the question actually was in all of this

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    You don't say how old you are and so this is hard to answer but here goes:

    Your mother is telling you that you are not a grown woman with a good paying job and a place of your own and so the idea of you getting pregnant and giving her grandkids is a nightmare.

    Grandkids would be fine if you lived in your own home, had your own job and could take TOTAL CARE of them yourself.  Got that?

    And just because married people do not want to have more children, it doesn't mean that they don't want to continue to have sex.  got that?

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