At the end of the original Total Recall did Mars really have a breathable atmosphere or was it all part of his implanted fantasy vacation?

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  • 3 weeks ago
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    According to Paul Verhoeven, the ending was intentionally designed so that the audience would never know.

    If I remember correctly, for the theatrical release, the producers played down the ambiguity because they thought the audience would prefer to believe it was real.  But the video versions re-emphasized the ambiguity.

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  • Todd
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    3 weeks ago

    Total Recall is based on a Philip K. Dick story called, "We Can Remember It for You Wholesale". In that, there's ambiguity. In the later novelization by Piers Anthony from the original script for Total Recall, the ambiguity is removed. The script was played with over a period of time. In the theater release, it strongly suggested it was real, and one cut was released, I believe for video, where the ambiguity remains and is left up to the audience to decide.

    Source(s): Widipedia article and another answer board
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    • skeptik
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      Yeah, just like the 2012 remake, none of the original story takes place on Mars.
      In Dick's story, Mars is referenced as a memory, and by evidence he discovers that he must have brought to Earth from there.  But he doesn't go back.

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