SSA overpayment and keeping Insurance?

Good afternoon, My first question is SSA overpaid me 4600. I’m not disputing that I owe that. My question is I am no longer eligible for SSDI, will they work out a payment plan of roughly $300 a month with the 4600?

Second question. I am now working full-time, I am permanently disabled as I am a paraplegic, will I get to keep my Medicaid and Medicare via Social Security?

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  • Judith
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    3 weeks ago

    They will work out an installment plan.  They prefer that they are repaid in 36 months.  If you can't afford $128 a month then you must complete form SSA-632 and present proof of ALL income and expenses.  They will also need bank statements for all bank accounts you have.

    Medicaid I wouldn't know about but wouldn't that depend upon your income?  You'd need to contact Dept of Social Services about that.  I suspect your home health care worker is affiliated with your Medicaid - not Medicare.  As for Medicare you will continue to have that for awhile - you will receive a notice in that regard.  You can also look it up at as to what happens when disability ends due to work activity but you remain medically disabled.

    I was a SS claims rep for 32 yrs.

  • Medicare can be kept for 94 months after you are no longer financially eligible. You must still be medically eligible.

  • 3 weeks ago

    the SSA website has info on continuing does continue for a short time (maybe a few years at most) from what I remember.

    medicaid would stop as soon as you are no longer financially eligible.

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    • SimplytheFACTS
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      3 weeks agoReport

      i found the link...and yes you still need to financially qualify, but full time work often does not disqualify you when it is low wage.

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  • Nancy
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    3 weeks ago

    SSA will work out a plan for you to repay it for as low as $128 per month. SSA automatically accepts any repayment offer that will repay the overpayment within 36 months, which means you can offer as little as $128 per month. Since SSA doesn't charge interest, this is what I'd recommend.

    If you cannot afford $128 per month, you can apply to repay it at a rate you can afford, but doing so requires you fill out a form showing your income and expenses. Any offer to repay the debt in monthly installments that will pay it off in less than 36 months requires no forms, just your statement. They won't bother you again unless you fail to make those payments.

    • Joe3 weeks agoReport

      Thank you for the input. Do you have any insight on my second question

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