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Can Dogs Ride In Sidecar Of Motorbike In Australia? ?

I was planning to get my license this year & wondering if I got a sidecar for my motorbike that one of my dogs could ride in it. 

I live in NSW Australia. 

If not then why isn’t that possible? 

Thanks for Reading & Answering 

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    You got to tie the dog into the sidecar so it can't escape...and chase after the ppussy in the convertible that passed you going the other way.  

    . Out there I think the rules are more lax except maybe in the city.  Then they would be crossing the street in front of you and other dogs.  Dog does know the rules.

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    • noname2 weeks agoReport

      Iv'e  seen  a 23# dog sit Quietly  in a travel trunk, his head out a hole. This is his second riding dog, first died of old age, Not accident.Can be Done.

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    U  may  have a pet in any  vehicle so long as its not endangered , and doesnt interfere with drivin/Riding.  Dog in lap  not allowed:

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