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About to get my first car/license - nervous/needing advice?

So I am about to get a car and go for my license. It's super exciting, especially since  I got a little bit of a late start compared to most... but God am I nervous D:

I am so afraid I'm going to suck at this. My older sibling was (and still is) a bad driver. As soon as they first started driving, they crashed our parents' vehicle and dang near completely totaled it. The damage was so bad. I still don't even get HOW they managed to have that crash because it made no sense to me. They've also had other crashes years down the road... like somehow crossing into the other driver's lane when going around a curved section and side-swiped them.

I guess THEIR bad driving makes me afraid I'LL be like them. I don't want to be the driver everyone cusses out because I turn bad (aka "cut corners" and almost take someone's front end with me) or something. I don't want to jump lanes like my sibling and crash into someone.

My main fears are parking... especially near/between other cars. I'm afraid of hitting one. I also fear turning. Again, especially around other cars (like turning onto a road from an intersection another car is waiting at). Same goes for like highways in cities where you have 2 or 3 lanes going the same way around a curve. I'm afraid of not staying in my own lane. I also have the general fear of totally bombing my tests (written and driving) too. I really want to pass the first time.

Does anyone have any tips for me to maybe ease my worries?


Basically, is it going to be as bad as I think based on my sibling's driving? How can I be the opposite of them and actually be a GOOD driver who doesn't crash into other cars?

Update 2:

I've also witnessed people kind of hugging the centerline or even crossing it as a passenger too and that is rather scary. I don't want to be one of those drivers where the car in the other lane is going "um... stay on YOUR side please!". I've heard some say it's really hard to keep the car between the lines. Is that true? How can I stay in my lane, between the lines and on the road?

Update 3:

YES - curves also scare me a little! We have some pretty nasty ones around here. I do NOT desire to ever speed (high speeds actually scare me because it's so easy to lose control and have an accident even if you're experienced) and absolutely NO cell phone. I have been against texting and such while driving from the start. There is no call for it whatsoever. Totally unacceptable and unsafe for you AND all others on the road.

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    Driving isn't scary or complicated. Millions of people successfully drive millions of miles a day. You are letting your imagination run wild. You can't base your driving experience on that of your sibling. You are the driver, you make your own circumstances. 

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  • Anonymous
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    Practice makes perfect.  If you pay attention to what you are doing - DRIVING - NOT texting, talking on the phone, etc. - you should do just fine.  

    Pay attention to where you are going - looking ahead (keeping your eyes further down the road) and you should find it easier to stay within the lines on the road - especially when going around a curve.  

    As for parking, until you get more comfortable with it - park a little further away from the store - there's usually less cars around you and more room to maneuver.  

    You will probably be a much better driver than your sibling - because you will be more aware and are trying to be a good driver. 

    Good luck.  

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