can you eat expired meat?

say you do not have the money to go and buy more meat but your son works in a pig farm and gives you ham burgers a lot. what if he gives you the ham burgers but you wait 2 weeks to eat them and they get expired. is it ok to eat if you cook it. will the food and mold just be like a side dish of vegetables or is it bad even if you cook it 

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    It's fine................

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  • 4 weeks ago

    As long as it is not sticky and does not smell bad it should be good to eat even passed the due date.

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  • 4 weeks ago


    Hamburger meat won't expire in 2 weeks if the meat is wrapped up tightly (to prevent permafrost) and placed in a freezer. Frozen beef can last 4 months in a freezer, so, really the meat he got you is good for another 3 1/2 months! However, if you put the meat in the fridge, it met its expiry date 3-4 days once placed in it!

    I'm going to assume you froze it- Yes you are fine to eat it, no you will not get any food illnesses from it! The only illness you might get is IF you undercook the beef, then yes, you would get sick!

    I work at a restaurant

  • 4 weeks ago

    You should immediately freeze it when you get it if you are not using it immediately. It will keep for months.

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  • Sandy
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    4 weeks ago

    if it smells, it's spoiled and you shouldn't eat it. that's the rule with all food. use your nose!

  • 4 weeks ago

    The meat will not be spoiled. If you cook it with milk and vegetable oil with everything else you want to season it with, then the vitamins in the milk and vegetable oil will restore it's youth. And will taste delicious.

    • okay thank you well what if you did not do this and you boiled it with no milk or vegetable oil would it still be good or will it be bad

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