is the uk in any danger from this coronavirus?

i just saw on yahoo news that it said that the virus is getting stronger? i am in the uk and wondered if there is any danger to britain from this coronavirus?

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  • Clive
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    3 weeks ago
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    Not unless someone comes home from China with it, and so far nobody has.  Tests are being done on people coming home and they've all been negative.  And for the moment, China isn't letting any foreigners in the region go home anyway, so there are some Britons there who are stuck.

  • Sandy
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    3 weeks ago

    it's dangerous and a threat to everybody because people can have it and be asymptomatic. they can seem fine but will be contagious. the person in Chicago was asymptomatic for 4 days before she began to feel sick. the CDC said she didn't go to any crowded areas, but they would say that to keep down panic. just wash your hands as often as necessary and use antibacterial sprays.  

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